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Bridgestone Driveguard All-Season Radial Tire – 205/55RF16 91V



Cash Price Per Tire: $248.40

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Brand: Bridgestone


  • Load Rating: 91
  • Speed Rating: V
  • *NanoPro-Tech rubber insert*Proprietary cooling fins*Optimized contact patch*Silica and special rubber polymers with an asymmetrical tread pattern*60,000 Mile treadwear warranty (V & H rated), 50,000 Mile treadwear warranty (W rated)
  • Benefits: Reinforces the tire making it capable of supporting the entire weight of the vehicle, even at zero pressure*Create airflow around the tire, reducing heat buildup and friction for added low-pressure mobility*Distributes weight evenly allowing for even wear and longevity*Boost handling in wet conditions and channel water away to reduce risk of hydroplaning

Package Dimensions: 241x617x11861

Details: The Bridgestone Driveguard RFT tire is a high performance runflat tire that allows you to continue driving even with a complete loss of tire air pressure.  Many new vehicles come with runflat tires from the factory, and the Driveguard RFT tire is an excellent replacement option as you always want to replace runflat tires with another extended mobility tire.  In addition to the extended mobility capabilities, the Driveguard RFT has long tread-life and high puncture resistance.  Greater resistance to flats, and extended mobility translate into a safer, more confident ride no matter what surprises await on the road.With excellent grip on dry roads, good wet performance, and excellent fuel economy, the Bridgestone Driveguard RFT tire is the pinnacle of practical design and an excellent choice for those in need of a replacement runflat tire with all season traction capabilities.

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