Nokian WRG4 SUV 225/55R19 99V BSW



Cash Price Per Tire: $289.70

As Low As $41.39 per week for (4) Tires

Brand: Nokian

Package Dimensions: 0x0x0

Details: WRG4 SUV is an all-weather tire for sporty SUVs and crossovers from Nokian that combines high-performance and reliable winter grip to make it a great all-weather tire. For added durability, the tire features Aramid Sidewall Technology that helps the tire withstand cuts caused by surprising situations and offers drivers peace of mind. WRG4 SUV comes with improved wet and snow handling, lower rolling resistance, and technology that creates a quieter ride. Its longitudinal rib at the center area of the tire is equipped with Centipede Siping, resembling the footprint of a centipede. That works effectively at the multitude of turning angles, maximizing contact surface, improve control, and increase grip on snow and slush. To avoid any threats of hydroplaning, Nokian WRG4 SUV comes with Coanda Technology that is designed to accelerate the removal of water by guiding and moving the water away from the tire tread. The inner shoulder’s fan-like rib pattern with functional tread blocks and Blade Grooves efficiently routes rain, snow and slush away from the contact surface. Nokian WRG4 is a perfect balance for all four seasons with the new Dual Performance SUV Compound that has an increased stiffness, more silica and a completely new SUV performance resin. This Nokian tire bears 3-peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol and is approved for winter use.

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